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Interview Results & Summary

After the interviews, we summarized and organized positives and negatives about the portals. As a team, we then brainstormed potential solutions and project goals in Miro.

We captured three quotes that represented reoccuring issues and concerns. From these quotes, we then generated three corresponding project goals to help us navigate through the design process.
SPS Portal Negatives

  • Hard to find what you need
  • Multiple clicks to get where you needed to be
  • Hard for the student to keep track of work
  • New tab per click is frustrating
  • Unclear “next steps” when completing a task
  • Access codes instead of a direct link / login
  • Too many portals with separate information
  • Messy design / no clean hierarchy
  • Unpredictable course page design
  • Information from too many sources (emails, docs, images, notifications, messages, news)
  • No direct link from fees to school pay
SPS Portal Positives

  • Toggle between children portals
  • Plenty of online resources
  • Side menu with functions

  • Other Portal Positives

  • SeeSaw: Access to daily lectures and material
  • SeeSaw: Easy to check what’s “done”, “in progress” and what’s left “to-do”

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