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List of user scenarios

  • Selecting a registered device
  • Selecting a non-serialized accessory
  • Selecting a non-serialized accessory that’s used with a host device (Power supply + laptop)
  • Selecting a non-registered serialized accessory
  • Selecting an audio device
  • Removing a previously added device
  • Attaching a file in the issue description
  • Attaching a file that’s too large
  • Attaching a file in the incorrect format
  • Canceling the request
  • Entry point A: Starting request from all devices screen
  • Entry point B: Creating a new request
  • Confirmation screen when request is submitted
  • Applying, removing, and editing all filters
  • Adding new custom filters
  • First run experience. No prior activity on the platform
  • Downloading a CSV template file
  • Importing too many devices through a CSV file
  • Uploading a CSV file in the incorrect format
  • Combining different device models in the request
  • Entering one or multiple invalid audio device serial numbers
  • Uploading a CSV file with one or multiple incorrect serial numbers
  • Clicking out of the flow, not using the cancel button

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