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Microsoft offers a portal called Microsoft 365 admin center to IT admins of commercial Surface customers to help them manage their Office subscriptions, apps, policies, and settings. The IT admins have expressed dissatisfaction with the Surface support experience as it lacks a centralized interface. To request support, the IT admin uses the admin center, multiple different support websites, email, and phone.

The Surface team is creating a platform called Microsoft hardware support within the admin center to improve the post-sale experience of Surface devices. The goal is to create a centralized solution for all surface related support needs, and to utilize the platform on which the users already spend a majority of their time.

Role & Duration

Company | Microsoft

Role | UX Research, Wireframing, UX Writing, UX Design, Prototyping

Duration | 6 months
Jan 2021 - June 2022

Team | Solo designer

Methods | Analysis, Wireframing, Flowchart

Tools | Figma

The Challenge

How can we create a centralized device support and repair solution for IT admins of commercial Surface customers, to increase customer satisfaction, allow Microsoft to service more customers, and improve the overall post sale Surface experience?

The design process for each project ask

Analyzing existing UX research


The design ask was to create three pivots that would live within Microsoft hardware support. These pivots would allow the IT admin to to the following:

Overview: Give the user an overview of their service and repair requests and help them access useful resources.

Warranty: Check the warranty of their devices by serial number.

Repairs: Create new and view details about ongoing repair requests.

I started the project by analyzing the existing research pertaining to the features we were including to learn about the user frustrations and the intent behind the project.

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