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IT admins of commercial Surface customers request support for their devices by either calling a Surface support agent or submitting an online request on a support website. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with phone support, as it’s a time-consuming process to read each serial number and explain the individual device issues.

Microsoft’s goal was to utilize Surface Management Portal, a platform the customer uses for their daily device management, and allow them to submit support requests, ultimately resulting in reduced time and resources spent for both the customer and Microsoft. With reduced phone calls to support, Microsoft would also be able to service more customers, potentially leading to overall higher customer satisfaction and resolution rates.

Role & Duration

Company | Microsoft

Role | UX Research, Wireframing, UX Writing, UX Design, Prototyping

Duration | 5 months
Oct 2021 - Feb 2022

Team | Solo designer

Methods | User Interviews, Analysis, Wireframing, Flowchart

Tools | Figma

The Challenge

How can we create an online support request experience for IT admins of commercial Surface customers to reduce frustration, save them time and resources, ultimately resulting in an improved post-sale Surface support experience, and reduced costs for Microsoft?

The Design Process

Analyzing existing UX research


Analysis Strategy

After receiving the project brief, I analyzed the research gathered by the customer experience team to gain a deeper understanding of the customer pain points. Utilizing the knowledge of the CX team helped me form a better understanding of the project goals. Early in the design process, I also participated in a customer feedback event where we got more insight into customer pain points and frustrations, which aligned with the research from the CX team.

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