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The current Seattle Public School portal system consists of over five separate portals. Parents and students are tasked with managing several login credentials, access codes and links. The system in place lacks organization, structure and good usability.

Our goal was to redesign the Seattle Public School portal system, to help users complete school-related tasks with ease.

The result of our UX research and UI Design is Binder, the single replacement and improvement of the five+ Seattle Public School portals.

Role & Duration

Role | UX Research, Wireframing,
Prototyping, UI Design

Duration | 8 Weeks
Sep 2020 - Nov 2020

Team | 2 - Erika Morales

Methods | System Analysis, User Interviews, Personas, Empathy Map, Flowchart, Wireframing, User Testing

Tools | Adobe XD, Miro, Illustrator

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