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The Challenge

Furnishing and decorating your home can be a never-ending process. With an influx of interior brands, stores, and design-guides, it can be an overwhelming task to tackle. How might we create a one-stop shop of curated interior-design content, with a focus on minimalism, affordability and quality?

The Solution

LMNT (Element) is a quarterly magazine in the genre of lifestyle and interior design. LMNT Magazine guides our readers through the exciting journey of decorating their home. We believe in the importance of quality and purpose of interior pieces, without breaking the bank. In each issue, we touch on affordable, simple tips and tricks to help you achieve that perfect look and feel.

If you’re searching for advice on brands, where to find inspiration that suits you, or a simple 10 step checklist to help improve your home, Element is the place to start. We provide our readers with high quality design guidance through quarterly printed magazines, and weekly newsletters accessible through email subscription and our website. Wherever our readers may be, we offer multiple ways to indulge in our curated interior design content.

Role & Duration

Role | Layout, Art Direction, Content Curation, Content Strategy, Image Retouching

Duration | 12 Weeks
Sep 2020 - Dec 2020

Team | Solo Project  

Methods | Moodboard, User Research 

Tools | InDesign, Photoshop

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