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The Challenge

Third Place Books is a beloved independent bookseller with three locations in the Seattle area. Each bookstore offers an abundance of local events and happenings, requiring advertising for both print, web and social media. How might we unify the brand across media, while staying true to the Seattle neighborhood’s look and feel?

The Solution

The goal was to capture the feeling of Our Neighborhood Getaway, for the Third Place Books rebrand. The feeling of a neighborhood getaway focuses on community, thoughtfulness and authenticity. Through research and brand discovery, we developed a mission statement, positioning and brand promise, which guided the brand identity and application process. Everything from colors, patterns and physical collateral maintain an inviting, neighborhood feel while offering flexibility for future design assets.

Role & Duration

Role | Brand Development, Brand Identity, Layout, Content Strategy

Duration | 11 Weeks
Jan 2021 - Mar 2021

Team | Solo Project

Methods | Research, Brainstorming, Brand Discovery, Brand Application

Tools | Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Miro
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