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Tasting Station

At the tasting station, Dérive offers something for everyone. Visitors can get a small tasting tray of the 4 cocktails, or order a can as is. For the more adventurous drinker, we offer specialty cocktails based off of one of the four Dérive flavors. The cocktail glass is decorated, and definitely worth a social media share.

Photo Wall

Without drinking, there are still multiple ways to experience Dérive. The photo wall is a picture perfect opportunity and allows visitors to switch backgrounds between different views of Mexico, Bali, Sweden or Fiji.

Design your Drink

The interactive screen allows for visitors to feel a part of the brand. They’ll decide on a can name, and pick a flavor combination appropriate to the destination. Visitors will also get to pick the flavor gradient for the can packaging design. The design can then be shared on social media to enter a competition where the winner receives a trip to the featured location.

Table Groups

All of the 4 table groups and ground circles are in the gradient color of the respective can. This allows for the visitors to visually enjoy the flavor blend of their cocktail while drinking. The tabletop also displays the square can label of that cocktail flavor. When sitting down, visitors can read more about the drink while enjoying their cocktail with their friend.

Clear Ball Chairs

Dérive’s branding includes a bokeh effect to enhance the dreamy and imaginative feel. This is brought to life in the form of clear balls that visitors can sit on while enjoying their drink.


While visitors are waiting for their order, they can browse the map wall and look at all the amazing Dérive customer photos. Each photo shows people enjoying Dérive in different locations, to enhance the sense of adventure and travel.

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