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Market Analysis


In order to design a successful tool for note-taking, to-do lists and planning, I analyzed 15 existing programs. Each program was scanned for the presence or absence of the three desired features.

I analyzed the programs’ successes according to their key features, layout, customization, nesting of tools, and ease of use.

Analysis Strategy

After analyzing the programs' strengths, I looked for commonalities in the areas of note-taking, to-do lists and planning across the different tools. I categorized the top three programs in each area to distinguish what makes them superior to competitive programs.

To achieve a diverse pool of opinions, I sourced information from App Store reviews, online articles and YouTube reviews.


When deciding on the top three note-taking apps, I looked at how easy it was to create, edit, sort and customize the notes. Evernote, Notion and OneNote were all successful at these tasks. Each app also excelled at different areas within note-taking.

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