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User Interview Summary

The purpose of the interviews was to gain insight into why certain apps fail at retaining their new users. A group of 10 were questioned regarding what productivity tools they’ve used and no longer rely on, and what caused them to stop using the app.

From the interviews, I captured three quotes to gain a holistic view of causes and struggles. Using knowledge gained from the market research and competitive analysis, I then generated corresponding project goals needed to design a successful product.

Reasons for Leaving

  • IPhone reminders: User needed one place for all tasks and notes, which reminders did not offer.

  • My Study Life: Not comprehensive enough. App limitations compared to the desktop version.

  • Trello: The UI and workflow did not fit the user. Too many limitations within the tool.

  • Google keep: Crowded with too many lists. Unable to find what they needed. The tool is too simple and not customizable.

  • Notion: Overwhelmed with the features and customizability. Learning curve seemed too big.

  • Asana: Overwhelmed with the clutter and amount of features within the app.

  • One-note: The app felt unnecessary if the user already had Microsoft Word.

  • Basecamp: The learning curve was too steep.

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