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Overview scenarios

  • Clicking on a tracking number
  • Viewing all replacement devices in transit
  • Viewing more cancelled repair requests
  • Clicking on a cancelled request
  • Creating a new repair request
  • Hovering on the total standard vs advance repair requests

Warranty scenarios

  • Importing a CSV file with devices in bulk
  • Downloading the CSV template
  • Adding individual devices to the list
  • Creating a new repair or service request
  • Exporting a section of, or the full list
  • Removing all or a few devices from the list
  • Searching for devices
  • Applying, editing, and removing all filters
  • Hovering on exchange type
  • Hovering on coverage status
  • Applying filters with no matching results

Repair scenarios

  • Opening a repair request
  • Applying, editing, or removing all filters
  • Exporting the full, or part of the list
  • Creating a new repair request
  • Searching for repair requests
  • Searching for a repair request but no matching results

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