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User Story 1

Stephanie books a guidance counselor appointment for Jacob

Stephanie realizes that Jacob has been under a lot of stress lately. With school being fully remote, he’s had trouble adjusting to the new format and staying on track with schoolwork. Stephanie wants to make sure Jacob’s mental health and stress levels stay under control and books an appointment for him to see a guidance counselor. Her goal is for Jacob to receive guidance and tools as to how he can improve his mental wellbeing, build social connections and resilience.

User Story 2

Jacob submits homework through the to-do list

Jacob is determined to organize his study habits. He wants to check his to-do list for upcoming assignments and submit his homework. After submitting the file, he wants to check which tests are coming up for the week.

User Story 3

Jacob works on a group project in a “Room”

Jacob is required to collaborate with fellow students for a month-long research project. Jacob’s teacher has created a “room” for the students to communicate directly. Jacob wants to check up on his group mates, send them a file for this week’s deliverable, and start a zoom meeting for them to discuss. After their discussion, he wants to pin important meeting notes so that they can easily access them for next week’s deliverable.

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